Policies & Procedures


The Office of Admission will acknowledge receipt of the candidate’s application within one day of its arrival. A Candidate is informed of any additional required supporting documents missing at that time. A Candidate will receive notice once the application file is complete.

Within a week after receipt of the complete application and supporting documentation, the application will be reviewed to determine whether an interview will be granted. Candidates are advised that being granted an interview constitutes no guarantee of acceptance; the interview itself plays a significant part in the decision by the Board of Admissions. The candidate will be informed about the decision within one week of the interview.

Within three weeks of acceptance notification, a student must submit a signed Acknowledgment of Admission along with a non-refundable tuition deposit in order to reserve a seat in the class.

CMU reserves the right to change entrance requirements, application procedures, and admission policies at any time, without prior notice.


There is no deadline to apply to CMU due to its rolling admissions, therefore applications are accepted and reviewed on an ongoing basis. However prospective students should plan on completing their application 3-4 months prior to the semester they are seeking. Semesters begin in January, May and September..

Prospective candidates should note that entering classes are highly competitive and applications completed early have the advantage of being reviewed at the beginning of the admission’s process.

The time necessary to secure official transcripts, standardized test scores and letters of recommendation should be taken into consideration. The Board reserves the right to defer an application to the following semester if there are no available seats.


The University reaffirms its policy of non-discrimination regardless of race, color, religion, age, sex, disability, or national origin. CMU reserves the right to schedule classes or examinations on any day of the week.


We encourage people from all backgrounds to apply to our university. Diversity and Inclusion Policy


CMU reserves the right to change its tuition and fees at any time, without prior notice. Accepted Applicants who notify CMU in writing at least two week prior to the start of a semester that they do not intend to matriculate will receive a full refund of the paid tuition less any non-refundable fees. Please send your notification to the Admission Office or fax to: (224) 499-7454


CMU reserves the right to change the curriculum at any time, without prior notice.


The University reserves the right to schedule lectures, laboratory sessions, conferences and examinations at any time and on any day of the week, including holidays and weekends.


To be awarded the M.D. degree from Caribbean Medical University, the eligible student must satisfactorily complete the medical sciences portion of the curriculum as well as all required 72 weeks of clinical rotations, the NBME shelf exams for each core rotation and pass the NBME Comprehensive Basic Science Exam and Comprehensive Clinical Science Exam. Furthermore, students, who want to practice in the U.S. must pass the USMLE Step 1 and all core examinations. The student must fulfill all financial obligations to the University, including a $780 graduation fee, while complying at all times with the Student Honor Code.


Students requesting academic transcripts of grades and courses should send a Transcript Request Form to the registrar ( .; or fax it to: (224) 499-7454. You may download the form from the Resources Section of our website. Enrolled students may also submit the form directly to the Registrar’s Office on campus. A Transcript Fee of $50 will apply. Payment can be made online via your MyCMU account.


CMU students are expected to comply at all times with the Honor Code, a collaborated effort between faculty and students. Failure may result in disciplinary dismissal from the University.


The student is embarking on a career in a profession, which requires of its members high standards of ethical conduct and honesty. It is expected that each student will make a personal commitment to abide by the Honor Code as exemplifying a standard of behavior which will form a firm basis of future professional conduct, as well as showing respect for the academic environment. This implies avoidance of any form of intellectual dishonesty, and the demonstration of respect for the rights and well being of others, including all students, faculty, staff, patients and members of the community.


Technical standards, as distinguished from academic standards for admission, consist of the minimum physical, cognitive, and emotional requirements to provide reasonable assurance that students can complete the entire course of study and participate in medical training and practice. Applying students will be required to sign a declaration that he or she meets CMU’s minimum technical standards as a condition to admission.


The test accommodation of extended test time (at time plus ½) in a separate room will be offered to those students with learning disabilities. Any student who would like to receive this accommodation must complete all documentation as outlined in USMLE guidelines and arrive at CMU with supporting materials and test results to be reviewed by the Dean of Students and Dean of Academics. Completion of an additional questionnaire will be required. Please contact the Dean’s Office for the questionnaire or for further information.


Any student who pays tuition and fees after the due day will be charged a 10% late fee; any student with a delinquent account will be notified by the second week of the semester that he or she must be financially clear by the end of the fourth week of the semester; and any student who fails to fulfill the finance condition (is not financially clear by the end of the fourth week) will be involuntarily withdrawn from enrollment and his or her transcript will reflect a “W” grade for courses undertaken in that semester. Standard cancellation and refund policies will apply to the balance of the account due.

Exceptions to the finance condition will only be granted under limited circumstances on petition in writing submitted to the Financial Department.


The following establishes operating principles and acceptable use policies as they relate to the Students use of the Internet and the email services provided by CMU.