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since 2007

Caribbean Medical University is one of the top medical schools in the Caribbean, established by Caribbean Medical University Foundation and registered on the island of Curacao, supported by the Government of Curacao.

Our goal is to prepare students for the next level of medical training in ACGME- accredited American teaching hospitals by implementing U.S. standard curriculum, used in the best North American LCME/AAMC colleges of medicine stressing Higher Order Thinking Skills (knowledge, comprehension, application, analysis, synthesis and evaluation) tested in USMLE Step I rather than simple memorization of facts.

CMU's profile:
Official Name
Caribbean Medical University
Student Population
Office of Admissions
Chicago, IL
BS Student-Teacher Ratio
Campus Location
Curacao, Caribbean Island
CS Student-Preceptor Ratio
Clinical Rotations
over 300 slots throughout the United States
USMLE Step1 Pass Rate
Academic Calendar
16 week Trimester – January, May, September
Number of Clinical Rotation Slots
Faculty Staff Qualifications
MD, PhD, PsyD, PharmD and MBBS
Average Class Size
36 students
Financial Aid
Private Loan, Scholarship, Payment Plan,
Tuition Discount
Cost of Living
$600-$800 per month
Accreditations & Recognitions
Ministry of Education and Ministry of Health
Premedical – $2950 per semester
Basic Science – $5900 per semester
Clinical Science – $9900 per semester

At Caribbean Medical University, we intend to create an entirely new model of medical education, one that will enhance the university’s ability to act as a transformational agent in health care. Our unique approach embraces cross-disciplinary teaching modalities, breakthrough technologies, and innovative ways to advance training in both basic science and clinical skills throughout the medical school curriculum. In addition, we wish to deepen students’ understanding of academic medicine to better prepare tomorrow’s doctors and make a far-reaching impact on their further career.

Accreditations and Recognitions
Government of Netherlands Antilles
Education Commission for Foreign Medical Graduate (ECFMG)
Government of Curacao
Medical Council Of Canada (MCC)
World health Organization (WHO)
Canadian Ministry of Training, Colleges & Universities
Why We Do It

Because we educate heros. This is the best
motivation to work and develop a university.

Radek Lewkowski
CEO Caribbean Medical University