Study Medicine in the Caribbean
Become a Doctor in the US!

Guaranteed CMU Medical
Program Admission
TUITION $2,950
per semester (*3)
90 credit hours**

Basic Science

CMU Campus,
Willimestad, Curacao

Clinical Science

CMU Clinical Medicine Centers (CMC),
Houston, Orlando, Chicago,
Manati, San Juan, The USA
REQUIREMENTS 2.8 GPA*, 90 credit hours**
CLASSES (+/-30)

Financial Aid

CMU is committed to helping you find the best options to finance your medical education. From U.S. & Canada Loans by our Paymant Plans to Scholarships.

Online Webinar
& Open House

During our online & offline meeting you will learn all about our university and you will learn all aspects of studying in the Caribbean. You will be also able to ask questions live.

The best med school in the Caribbean

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We know that there is no such thing as one objectively the best medical school for anyone, because the needs of student’s possibilities and expectations are different.

However, we believe that CMU can be perfect for many of you.

Affiliated Hospitals

Caribbean Medical University has many affiliations and/or preceptors with the hospitals and medical centers in the U.S. and Canada.


Safe & beautiful place

US Infrastructure
Safe Island
No Hurricanes
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Check frequently asked questions about our
1. What courses or programs do you have? Can I do it online, in the U.S., or another place?

Pre-Medicine and Medicine are currently the only courses we offer; they’re not available online.
Students at CMU are prepared to graduate as international/foreign medical doctors, with a Medical Doctor (MD) degree, and practice medicine particularly in the United States (U.S.), but not limited to as we have students also in CA, UK, and more. We follow the U.S. medical school curriculum.

The Pre-Med program is completed Online
Medical Program – Basic Science: in Curaçao
Clinical Science: primarily in the U.S

2. How many intakes or enrollment terms/semesters is available at CMU? How long is a semester?

There are three (3) starting terms per year: Spring in January, Summer in May, and Fall in September.
A semester for pre-med and basic science is about four months or 16 weeks. For clinical science, each semester is three months or 12 weeks.

1. How much is tuition? Do we pay per semester or year?

The pre-med program is $2950 per semester
The Basic-science program is $5900 per semester
The clinical Science program is $9900 per semester
Tuition is per semester and is listed on our Tuition & Fees page under Financial Aid. It is paid per semester but can be also paid per year or program.

For more details on all financial related matters and other standard fees, please see Financial Aid - Tuition & Fees page or contact CMU Finance Department.

2. How much is the application for admission? How do I apply?

It is US $75.00 (non-refundable).

You can apply quickly online, on our site. Please select Admissions - Online Application or look for the green button APPLY NOW.

1. Where is the school located? Do you accept International students?

Caribbean Medical University or CMU has its main campus in Curaçao, an island in the Caribbean Sea located between Aruba and Bonaire, north of Venezuela. Please see our About Us page for more information.

Yes, we accept students from all over the world!

2. Do people speak English in Curaçao? What language is the program taught?

Yes. The main local languages are Dutch and Papiamentu, but Spanish and English are also widely spoken. The program at CMU is taught in English only.

My clinical rotations through CMU have been a very enjoyable learning experience. I have been able to learn and work alongside some highly recommended and skilled doctors. Also, the whole process of planning clinical rotations has been great due to the close communication and variety of options provided by the University’s clinical department.

Luis Rojas

CMU provides the perfect atmosphere with a mix of small class sizes and easily approachable faculty. I personally have watched the University evolve over my time here in regards to recruiting quality faculty, curriculum improvements and the brand new compass that should be completed soon. The faculty has a high expectation that you will work hard and that is the attitude you should have when you come here. I am happy with my decision to come to CMU and look forward to seeing the University evolve even further.

David Fremlin

The clinical experience with CMU has been very engaging. I have been able to learn from a great variety of preceptors. It has also been convenient having various options to choose from when picking a rotation. Overall, my clinical experience at CMU has been interactive and educative.

Andrea Montague

Since leaving Curacao I’ve completed clinical rotations in Chicago and Atlanta; my experience has been excellent! CMU has made it easy setting up core rotations back to back while offering a wide variety of electives. They provide knowledgeable preceptors who enjoy teaching combined with invaluable hospital experience.

Ken Holton

Coming to this school was one of the best decisions I ever made. I am getting more opportunities here than I can imagine. Not only am I getting great education, I am involved in research and community outreach programs. For that, I am very thankful.

Mohamed Ziad