Academic Calendar

2023 Fall Trimester

Orientation September 5th
Review Week December 4th – 8th
Final Examination Period December 11th – 15th
Exams End December 15th
Retake Week One week before the new trimester starts


2024 Spring Trimester

Orientation January 16th
First day of class January 17th
Examination Week April 15th – 19th
Last day of class April 19th
Retake Week May 6th – 10th


2024 Summer Trimester

Orientation May 13th
First day of class May 14th
Examination Week August 12th – 16th
Last day of class August 16th
Retake Week September 2nd – 6th


2024 Fall Trimester

Orientation September 9th
First day of class September 10th
Examination Week December 9th – 13th
Last day of class December 13th
Retake Week January 6th – 10th 2025