Program Outline

All Clinical Rotations (CR)are pursued as the integral parts of the CMU SOM Clinical Medicine Training Program (CMTP) only at the ACGME accredited Clinical Medicine Centers (CMC) in the USA, therefore they all comply with the strict US accreditation requirements and NY12R.

The Clinical Medicine Training Program (CMTP) consists of 6 trimesters over two years.

The CMTP includes 72 weeks of Clinical Rotations: 48 weeks of Core and 24 weeks of Elective, clinical lectures, case presentations, breakthroughs seminars, etc, as well as the Clinical Subject Shelf Exam Prep Courses for NBME and USMLE and ERAS Application Guides. 

All 48 weeks of the core rotations are mandatory, while being pursued at the CMU SOM Clinical Medicine Centers in the USA only. All 24 weeks of the elective rotations are selected by a student from the options offered by the School or requested as individual rotations applied for and only if approved by the Dean or Associate Dean of Clinical Medicine. 

The core rotation schedules are determined by the Clinical Rotations Coordinator immediately after graduating and receiving the Certificate of the Basic Sciences that verifies completion of all BS Courses and passing the required Board exams.

The details of applying for and pursuing the Clinical Rotations are outlined (www and CR Handbook links).

General information concerning CR is available from Ms. Savita Martina at and Clinical Rotations Coordinator, Mrs. Cristien Martes at

The details concerning the specific rotations pursued at the CMU SOM Clinical Medicine Centers is available from the Clinical Rotations Coordinators working at the respected Centers (link to CMC).


Procedure to participate in the CMTP at the CMU SOM

The primary requirement to enter the Clinical Medicine Training Program at the CMU SOM is graduation from Basic Sciences (BS) reflected in the Clinical Rotation Handbook

The respective Coordinators will inform the students of the required documents and starting dates and times.

Clinical Medicine Training Program at the CMU SOM:

  • Clinical rotations at the CMCs / within CMU’s Clinical Rotations Network
  • Clinical rotations individual, outside of the CMU Clinical Rotations Network
  • Clinical lectures
  • Clinical cases presentation
  • Community Service
  • Night panels with experts on medical breakthroughs
  • Comprehensive Clinical Sciences Synopsis (CCSS)
  • MiniCEX Preparation (mCEXP)

Clinical rotations are the most integral part of the Clinical Medicine Training Program at the CMU SOM.

Upon the request emailed to, the BS Graduates receive the Certificate of graduation. The date on the certificate is the start date of eligibility, which lasts 2 trimesters.

  1. the students who decided in which CMU SOM Clinical Medicine Center they want to learn, apply to the CMU SOM CMC Clinical Rotations Coordinator, whose contact info is
  2. the students who want to pursue the CR on individual basis have to apply to the Clinical Rotations Coordinator-
  3. the students who want to pursue individual programs outside of the above have to apply to the Associate Dean For Clinical Medicine –