About CMU
Why CMU?

Why CMU?

Caribbean Medical University has some advantages over the other medical schools, that you may consider before making the final decision. We are aware of a long way ahead of us to create a perfect medical school, to earn trust and reputation, but the management of CMU will do its best to achieve those goals as soon as possible.

Instead of making empty promises, we would like to show you the progress of development, therefore please get familiar with those advantages, we have at this point of time:

  • Canadian government loans
  • US private loans managed by Great Lakes and South East Bank
  • First Anatomage Virtual Table in the Caribbean and first one of the first Oculus Rift labs of any medical school in the world in addition to our traditional cadaver lab
  • Team-Based learning and exposure to clinical training from the first semester
  • Curaçao is a well-developed island, which is outside of the hurricane belt
  • Our first-time pass rate for USMLE Step 1 was 88.9% for 2016 (based on the official Aggregate Data report from ECFMG/FAIMER) and 92% for 2017
  • More than 80% of our students who participate in the NRMP Match are able to match to a residency program each year
  • We have students in residency in many states, including New York and Florida as well as some in residency our practice in Canada, the UK, Germany and elsewhere
  • Research opportunities. We received a 600,000 Euro grant for our current research partnership with the University of Amsterdam
  • We have world-class professors who are keeping up with the latest advances in medical education through conferences and training through the AAMC, International Association of Medical Science Educators, Association for Medical Education in Europe and other institutions
  • We are following the recommendations of the World Federation for Medical Education and CAAM-HP so that we can train excellent physicians and ensure that they are able to practice in practically any place they choose.
  • Clinical Medicine faculty Mayank Modi, MD has been selected to the
    International Scientific Committee & Editorial Review Board on Medical and Health Sciences for International Research Conference (IRC).
  • Clinical Medicine faculty Khyati Mahdavi, MD has been awarded the
    Global Health Travel Award for the Keystone Symposia HIV Vaccine Conference held March 24-28 in Whistler, BC. The award was based on two research projects on HIV during her residency in India.
  • Clinical Medicine (CM) Chair Marly Oosterhof, MD
    Is a Curacao licensed physician and is working to improve the health of Curacao residents. No other Caribbean medical school has faculty licensed in the school’s country. We have multiple licensed and locally practicing physicians in our CM Department.
  • Assistant Dean of Academics Rex Habeman, MD
    Is Associate Professor of Otolaryngology at the University of Florida College of Medicine in the Division of Otology/Neurotology. No other Caribbean medical school has practicing academic physicians in the USA other than visiting lecturers.