Clinical Science Program

All CMU SOM Graduates are able to apply for a residency via Pathway 6 at the ECFMG.

Students receive preparation for the USMLE via the Basic Science curriculum, Kaplan, Becker or Pass review program, an electronic final exam (shelf exam) of seven hours  simulating the actual USMLE, and course examinations that have been written in USMLE format.

During trimesters 6-11, students experience clerkships focused on clinical medical sciences for 72 weeks. Clerkships consist of Clinical Core Rotations and Clinical Elective  Rotations at the five CMU SOM Medical Centers in the USA. Sites in the USA offer residency programs approved by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) or are affiliated with the CMU School of Medicine.

After completing core clerkship rotations students are eligible to take the USMLE Step 2. Upon successfully passing the exam, students proceed to a residency program. Most students take Step 2 before graduation in order to be ECFMG certified and then apply for a residency via Pathway 6 at the ECFMG.

NOTE: CMU reserves the right to change the curriculum at any time to further improve the standards of medical education, without prior notice. CMU may schedule classes or examinations on any day of the week.