Administrative Staff
Salome Benschop

Director of Administration
Email: director@cmumed.org

Accounting Department
Email: accounting@cmumed.org

Keelah Dindial

Admissions Coordinator
Email: admissions@cmumed.org

Immigration Coordinator
Email: immigration@cmumed.org

Ashvinder Riar, MD

Promotions and Applications Coordinator
Email: applications@cmumed.org

Bhavna Lulla

Assistant to the Dean
Email: attd@cmumed.org

Registrar Department
Email: registrar@cmumed.org

NBME and USMLE Exam Coordinator
Email: exams@cmumed.org

Savita Martina

Basic Sciences Courses Coordinator
Email: courses@cmumed.org

Housing Department
Email: dorms@cmumed.org

Cristien Martes

Clinical Rotations Coordinator
Email: rotations@cmumed.org

Sulaima Gomes

Finance Department
Email: finance@cmumed.org

Kaelan Barbolina

IT Supervisor
Email: it@cmumed.org