A free day on Curacao

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The beautiful island of Curacao has so much to offer. On a typical free day I usually explore the island as much as I can. With so many attractions and places to see, Curacao is one of the most interesting islands in the whole of the Caribbean. For instance, Willemstad, the capital city, is also a UNESCO World Heritage City. 

Handelskade is the number one attraction in Willemstad. This historical waterfront street features a row of colorful colonial Dutch houses. That is definitely my favourite go to place for a relaxing walk.

I love testing new places to eat, whether it’s a quick lunch or a late night dinner, Curacao offers excellent dining experience. The diversity of the island is also reflected in the local cuisine. The fusion cuisine comes from the influence of Spanish, Dutch, Venezuelan, Indonesian and even Portuguese Jews. 

Recently I had a chance to visit the Hato Caves, located near the airport. These caves were formed millions of years ago under the sea. During the Ice Age, water levels dropped and the island of Curacao was born.

For all liqueur enthusiasts, I highly recommend visiting The Genuine Curacao Liqueur factory, located only a few minutes outside of Willemstad, dates back to 1896. Here you can walk through the history, learn about the production process and at the end you can try a few of the different flavors that they produce.

My personal favourite attraction is Christoffelpark, the largest national park of Curacao. The park has a rich variety of local flora and fauna. Some of the local birds and plants, are only found here and nowhere else on the island.

One thing is for sure, you will not get bored in here. Personally I never get tired of breath-taking views and stunning beaches.


We invite you to watch an amazing video made by Erik. It shows beautiful places in Curacao.