Easiest Medical Schools to Get Into

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Here Are the Easiest Medical Schools to Get Into for Americans


An estimated one-quarter of physicians currently practicing in the U.S. received their degrees abroad.

There is a dire and growing shortage of high-quality doctors in the U.S. despite the burgeoning interest among medical aspirants. Ultra-low acceptance rates of best medical schools, sometimes as little as 4% of applicants, combined with sky-high education costs, continue to shatter the dreams of med school applicants in the country.

Sometimes, artificial bottlenecks, such as the MCAT exam, hold back aspiring doctors from realizing their educational goals.

Fortunately for students, just outside the U.S., the picture is very different. Right in the neighborhood, in the Caribbean, world-class medical institutes beckon U.S. students with easier enrollment processes, high-quality education, low fees, and convenient policies.

Here are the top 5 medical schools ranked by quality of education, affordability, and ease of admissions.


1. Caribbean Medical University, Curacao

Caribbean Medical University is one of the most reputed yet the easiest medical schools to get into. Located in Curacao, the Caribbean Medical University enjoys excellent weather, free of any hurricanes, and crime waves. Small batches of 30-60 students, excellent scholarship programs, convenient loan programs, and a low eligibility criterium of 2.8GPA have made CMU a hot favorite among American and Canadian students.

CMU boasts of an impressive 90% USMLE pass rate, proving that its alums are second to none in quality of pedagogy. With applications costing only $75, Caribbean Medical University confirms acceptance or rejections in as little as 7 days.

2. Saint James School of Medicine, Antigua

The Saint James School of Medicine has been one of the top destinations for American med students for well over a decade. Owing to its low tuition fees (roughly $100,000 to $150,000), and a high USMLE pass rate of 96%, Saint James School of Medicine has cemented its position as a highly affordable option for students.

What’s more, the institute is located in Anguilla, a UK territory, with low crime rate and low cost of living. Accommodation here costs as low as $500 per month. The only drawback? The MCAT exam is a mandatory requirement for entry into the institute.


3. Xavier University School of Medicine, Aruba

Another affordable choice for medical aspirants, Xavier University School of Medicine is located in a hurricane-free region with a low crime rate, which should allay parents’ fears. If the institute’s low tuition fees do not impress you, then their scholarships and financing options definitely should.

With a formidable USMLE pass rate of 95%, XUSM’s alums have carved out a strong reputation for themselves and their alma mater. The school’s med students also enjoy clinical rotations with US medical colleges as part of their curriculum, which gives them a strong foundation for practicing in the U.S. after graduation.


4. American University of the Caribbean School of Medicine, St. Maarten

As one of the oldest medical institutes in the Caribbean, AUC has consistently proven itself to be a preferred destination for aspiring American doctors for many reasons. A high USMLE pass rate of 96%, relatively low cost of living, and outstanding student exchange programs with global institutes make AUC a reputed institution.

Although the institute charges an above-average tuition fee and is located in a region with a relatively high crime rate, its quality of education makes it one of the top medical schools for US students.


5. American University of Antigua

One of the popular reasons for choosing AUA is that it does not consider MCAT scores for admissions in favor of a more holistic process. The institute’s below-average tuition fees (somewhere in the vicinity of $250,000), combined with the high 96% USMLE pass rate of its students, offer American med students an excellent opportunity to bypass the bottleneck in medical school admissions in the US.

A few areas of concern are that the institute is located on an island prone to hurricanes and witnesses a relatively higher crime rate annually.

All the institutes in our list have a straightforward, convenient, and quick admission process. Most of these institutes confirm your acceptance or rejection in a matter of days, so you don’t have to wait long.

So, have you made up your mind on which institute to apply for?

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