My typical day at CMU Classes

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When I was growing up, I always wanted to be a doctor. The path to becoming a doctor is challenging. First college as a pre-med, then medical school, and finally residency.

How do you describe the life of a medical student in one word? Studying. Constantly.

So, here’s what a typical week-day looks like for first-year medical students.

On a typical weekday, I start off by preparing my breakfast, lunch, and some tea. I usually go to the school gym to exercise for at least 5 minutes to help me wake up. After a quick shower, I run to class because my lecture starts at 8 AM.

Every morning starts the same way as every other day, with lecture and small group or lab occupying the 8-12 pm time slot.

At noon, I have my lunch either alone, while studying, or with some friends. If there is time, we go out for lunch at the local sandwich shop or grab some aromatic tea from the local café.

From 1-5 we have anatomy or pathology lab classes or clinical skills classes where we practice clinical skills peer to peer or on standardized patients. Other afternoons include clinical rotations or project meetings and there’s always a research project to work on.

After that, evenings are spent, as you could probably guess, studying! ?

No matter how difficult things become, I am very grateful to be a medical student. This path isn’t easy, but I chose it for a reason. I love learning about medicine.