Medical School Admission

Admissions to a medical school in the Caribbean vary depending on the school. Our Admissions Department provides information about the medical school application process.

This website will guide you step by step through the admission process including the eligibility and requirements, necessary submittals and application procedures. Please feel free to contact the Department by either mail, email, phone or live support if you have any questions or concerns regarding the enrollment to our medical school.

As a prospective medical student, you are looking for an institution that will provide its resources and support towards reaching your goal of a Doctor of Medicine Diploma. This is what you will find at Caribbean Medical University, a medical school dedicated to prepare students to pass USMLE exams and to become eligible to practice medicine.

The application process for medical school may be long and intense. It really begins much earlier than when you fill out an application form and send it to the school. It includes completion of many pre-med requirements, meetings with your pre-med advisor and pre-med committee, taking the MCAT and doing well in all of your pre-med course work and extra-curricular activities.

Our Admissions Department will review applications as they are submitted on a rolling basis and extend interview invitations and finally offer spots in their classes in the same way. This means that they fill the classes on a first-come-first-serve basis. With each passing week of conducting interviews, as the admissions committee meets and extends offers, fewer and fewer spots are available. At the same time, the medical school still receives more applications, so the competition goes up and the number of available spots goes down. This means that an early application is one sure way of having the best possible chances of getting accepted.

Thank you for considering CMU on your way to become a Medical Doctor.