Semester 1 Course Code Course Name  Credits
BS-GAE Gross Anatomy and Embryology  12
BS-HST Histology 12
BS-ET Ethics 4
BS-ICM1 Introduction to Clinical Medicine I 4
BS-MRCT1 Medical Research and Clinical Trials I 4
Semester 2 Course Code Course Name  Credits
BS-PHS Physiology (including Neurophysiology and Immunology) 12
BS-BCM Biochemistry, Molecular biology, Genetics with Lab 12
BS-MBG Microbiology 8
BS-BE Biostatistics and Epidemiology 4
BS-ICM2 Introduction to Clinical Medicine II 4
BS-MRCT2 Medical Research and Clinical Trials II 4
Semester 3 Course Code Course Name  Credits
BS-PT1 Pathology I 12
BS-PHM1 Pharmacology 12
BS-ICM3 Introduction to Clinical Medicine III 4
BS-MRCT3 Medical Research and Clinical Trials III 4
Semester 4 Course Code Course Name  Credits
BS-PT2 Pathology II 12
BS-BHS Behavioral Science 6
BS-NRS Neuroscience 6
BS-ICM4 Introduction to Clinical Medicine IV 4
BS-MRCT4 Medical Research and Clinical Trials IV 4
Semester 6-10
Core Rotations
Course Code Course Name Weeks
CR-IMD Internal Medicine 12
CR-SRG Surgery 12
CR-PDT Pediatrics 6
CR-OBG Obstetrics and Gynecology 6
CR-FMP Family Practice 6
CR-PSC Psychiatry 6
Semester 6-10
Elective Rotations
Course Code Course Name Weeks
ER-AIM Allergy & Immunology 4
ER-AMC Ambulatory Care 4
ER-ANS Anesthesiology 4
ER-CRD Cardiology 4
ER-CRC Critical Care 4
ER-CTL Cytology 4
ER-DRM Dermatology 4
ER-EMR Emergency Medicine 4
ER-END Endocrinology and Metabolism 4
ER-FPR Family Practice 4
ER-GST Gastroenterology 4
ER-GRT Geriatrics 4
ER-GRN Gerontology 4
ER-HMT Hematology 4
ER-INF Infectious Diseases 4
ER-NPH Nephrology 4
ER-NUR Neurology 4
ER-NRP Neuropathology 4
ER-ONC Oncology 4
ER-OPT Ophthalmology 4
ER-ORS Orthopedic Surgery 4
ER-PTH Pathology 4
ER-PLS Plastic Surgery 4
ER-PRV Preventive Medicine 4
ER-PSC Psychiatry 4
ER-PCR Public Care / Health Care Systems 4
ER-PLM Pulmonary Disease 4
ER-RDL Radiology 4
ER-RHM Rheumatology 4
ER-TRM Trauma Surgery 4
ER-URL Urology 4


The Clinical Program consists of five semesters for a total of 80 weeks. All 48 weeks of the core rotations are mandatory and 24 weeks of the elective rotations are selected by a student.


This listing does not indicate the sequence of courses. The core rotation schedules are determined by the Clinical Coordinator at the time students are admitted into the Clinical Program. In general, students complete their core rotations before doing additional requirements and electives. Electives listed above are examples of the many options available. Elective choices and schedules are arranged individually by students in consultation with the Clinical Science Department and the Dean of Clinical Science.


Some Hospitals may require students to attend an orientation. Orientations can last for up to a week and are a non-credit experience.