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Caribbean Medical University campus, the newly constructed building is located at the formerly Coney Island premises well-known as the early coney island history of attractions such as the colorful seaside boardwalk, the Ferris wheel, the coaster since the year 1950s up to 2010.

 The first two academic years (4 semesters of Basic Medical Sciences) and 1 semester of the ICM Curricula are taught on the island of Curacao in this newly constructed building situated in the capital of the island, Willemstad. Rebuild in 2017, a US standard, A-class, 15,530 square meter complex features 250-seat auditorium, 5 classrooms, 1 Research Laboratory, 1 Teaching Laboratory, 1 Clinical Skills Lab, university offices, computer lab & library, fitness center, student lounge, 1 restaurant, prospective student dormitories on campus and car parking lots.

The complex has been designed to provide an outstanding teaching environment for up to minimum 150 students; The safety of all students and employees are provided by 24/7 security alarm system and digital monitoring services. The facilities promote teaching and learning, as well as encourage an overall living experience for medical students in the future.


The campus is located in Willemstad, the capital of Curacao. It’s close to downtown, within a walking distance of all city amenities and transportation. Most of shopping malls and the fast food chains are nearby. The life style is quite similar to North America with all familiar eating’s and shopping outlets.

Comprehensive study is promoted to students by providing them with contemporary lecture halls enhanced with audio/visual technology, fully equipped library and computer center. A convenient cafeteria is available as well as numerous common areas available for study and relaxation.

The complex includes an atrium and beautiful landscaping. All buildings are air-conditioned, equipped with wireless internet connection, while external structures are accommodated with breezeways and shaded areas.


We are proud to be among only few Caribbean medical schools that provide students with student dormitories. There are 40 units within 20 minutes walking distance from the campus, available to students at a very competitive monthly rate.

The rate includes room, high-speed wired Internet connection, cable TV, water, electricity, A/C, microwave, stove.

All rooms are also equipped with a student desk.


Students in the Clinical Science Program spend the final two years of their medical education at hospitals and training centers in the three Caribbean Medical University School of Medicine Clinical Medicine Centers (CMU SOM CMC) in Chicago, Houston, Manati. Our Clinical Department is constantly working hard to get affiliations with preceptors and hospitals in other states.