1. Does CMU offer student housing?

Our university is proud to be amongst only few medical schools in the Caribbean offering student dorms. Many students spend their first few semesters in the university dormitories.
AB dorm is located in the Otrobanda area which is about 1 KM from campus and consists of 40 single/double occupancy studio apartments.

2. What is the cost for the student housing?

The AB Single occupancy fee is $2400 per semester.
The AB Double occupancy fee is $1600 per semester.

3. How do we pay for for student housing?

The housing fee is added along with your tuition and other fees in your semesters invoice. These can all be completed on your MyCMU account. For more information on payment options, please contact the Finance Department at finance@cmumed.org.

4. How can I get a roommate?

If a student applies for a double occupancy room, the housing department will automatically pair the students up by gender. If the student already knows who he/she would like to be paired up with, a request can be sent to the housing department (dorms@cmumed.org) to assign a specific roommate.

5. Where are the dorms located?

AB dorm is located in the Otrobanda area.

6. Does the dorm fee include utilities?

The dorm fee includes water, electricity and internet

7. Do I have to share a bathroom?

Each single occupancy studio apartment has its own bathroom. The double occupancy rooms have one (1) bathroom for two (2) students.

8. Am I allowed to cook in the dorms?

Cooking is allowed in the dorms. Please note that you have to bring/purchase your own pots/pans and cooking utensils.

9. What appliances are available in the student dorms?

Each studio apartment is equipped with a fridge, 2 pit stove, microwave, flat screen tv and AC unit.

10. Is there laundry service at the dorms?

There is a washer and dryer at the AB dorms. Tokens are available for purchase with the RA and at the administration office.

11. Is there cleaning service at the dorms?

The common areas are cleaned on a weekly basis. Students are responsible for the upkeep and cleaning of their own rooms.

12. How are roommates paired?

Roommates are paired by gender.

13. Is there transportation to and from the dorms?

The CMU shuttle brings students to campus in the morning and takes them back to the dorms at the end of the school day.

14. How far are the dormitories from campus?

The dormitories are about 1 KM away from campus.

15. Does the Housing Department assist with off campus housing?

There is a list available that can be requested from the Housing Department. CMU does not assist with off campus housing.

16. When can I reserve a dorm?

Dorms can be reserved once the student is completely accepted and once the following payments have been completed: $75 application fee and $1000 seat deposit fee.
Reservations should be confirmed at least a month prior to arrival by sending an email to the housing department (dorms@cmumed.org). The email should consist of your full name, student ID and accommodation of choice.

17. What happens if a roommate moves out, transfers or withdraws?

If by any chance your roommate moves out, withdraws or transfers to another university, you will be responsible to find another roommate in order to pay the double occupancy rate. If a suitable roommate is not found, the student will be charged the single occupancy rate. CMU is not responsible to find you a roommate.

18. Does CMU offer airport pick-up for students?

Complimentary airport pick-up is arranged for all students that will be residing in the dorms. The student needs to send his/her itinerary as soon as available in order for the housing department to schedule the airport pick-up. If you are accompanied, please make sure to inform the housing department in advance of your party.

19. If a new student is accompanied upon arrival, are the guest(s) allowed to stay in the dorms?

Students are required to request authorization in writing prior to having guests staying with them. The maximum length of stay is 2 nights without extra charges. For every extra night there will be a fee of $50. Please note that students staying in double occupancy rooms cannot have guests staying over.
The student is responsible for his/her guests. Any necessary charges can and will be applied to the students account in the event that the rules are not followed accordingly.

20. Is double occupancy guaranteed?

Double occupancy is subject to availability only; CMU offers this option, but does not guarantee that students will be assigned a roommate in order to be eligible to pay the double occupancy rate. If no other students sign up for the double occupancy, the student will have no option than to stay single and pay the single rate.